Artist Statement

Creating art is a form of healing for me. My art is greatly influenced by my decade-long work as a healer — a massage and Reiki Master — and I see my play with paint and wax and found images as part of my path to personal growth and healing. I am particularly fond of mixed media  and encaustic art because of the way these forms allow for whimsy, mistakes, messiness, and layered depth. I work intuitively, im­precisely, and create very much with an awareness of my body and its messages.

For a while now, my art has been a collection of encaustics, which I call my “Buddha and Bird Series.” My philosophical leanings toward Buddhism – with the ideas of loving kindness, being in the present moment, and non-permanence—have influenced my art for a while now and particularly since the death of my father in 2008. In addition to Buddha imagery,  I am fascinated by the images of birds, feathers, nests, and eggs.  Birds are frequently central to my creations because they are gentle yet powerful creatures; they are so light and fragile, yet profoundly symbolize free­dom, release, creativity and transforma­tion. As an artist, writer and healer, I see my work as embodying these characteristics.

I have several online art stores that are print-to-order: CafePress, Fine Art America,, and I love seeing my art as products — as calendars, greeting cards, coasters, necklaces, prints, and more!

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