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Please join me in celebrating the body, YOUR body, by participating in a one-month photo challenge. Let us flood social media with the hash tag #bodylovephotochallenge as we share photos of our fingers and knees and yes, even our thighs. Let us also take back our bodies, for they belong to us and only us, and let’s swim against the current of body judgment and hate. This month, you will not only get a chance to really notice different parts of your body, but to learn a little bit about them (check out the prompt for Day 28!), to appreciate these parts, and then to turn them into art.

You can do this challenge any way you want. And EVERYONE is welcome. When I did this in November last year, folks took creative license with the prompts, so feel free to show skin or not; turn a part of your body into art by adding words or adornments; use photo filters to add texture, color, or movement; or take the prompt in a new or surprising direction. Some friends and I even used the prompts for journaling last year, too.

To see some of last year’s #bodylovechallenge photos, check out Instagram here.  There is no one place to post these pictures, so feel free to use whatever social media platform you like (or none at all if you don’t feel like sharing.) Make this artful body-love challenge work for you.

See you on AUGUST 1st!




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