Courtney has an enormously healing presence — more so than almost anyone I have ever met. The fact that she is a healer, writer, artist, and lover of life gives her a big foundation. She has so much to offer as a healer but also a model for living life. Her approach is holistic, and she incorporates the emotions and spirit into everything she does.You can be confident that Courtney will honor all aspects of you, no matter what modality you are working in. Her counseling and coaching skills are superb. She listens deeply, hearing not only what you are saying but she seems to take in deeply WHO YOU ARE. Plus, she’s a whole heck of a lot of fun. I feel blessed to know Courtney and have her as a resource that I can offer to clients who are looking for healing on different levels or inspiration in uncovering deeper levels of creativity.

— Laila Atallah, Career and Life Coach, Seattle, WA

Courtney possesses a quiet power to touch the psyche. In subtle, non-intrusive ways, she engenders in me a deeper understanding of what life is dishing out in my present moment. I really don’t know how she does it, but no matter–it feels transcendent.

— B. Conner, writer, Tacoma, WA

I just want to thank you so much for pouring your heart and soul into your work. I really admire how much you are doing to make the world a better place.

— E.M. Pierce, Seattle, WA

ZenPen is helping me to be more present and loving with myself. It is facilitating a deepening relationship with myself that is necessary for me to be more of ME. I love your insights and exercises and the way you share yourself — very inspiring!

— Rachel

I must give much gratitude, admiration and respect to my dear friend Courtney Putnam, healer extraodinaire/Reiki Master. Though the transfer of energy through her sweet, intuitive spirit/hands, I have let go of a lifetime of grief, been filled to over-flowing with self-love, and been 100% HEALED OF PAIN since Tuesday. Chronic, intense pain that took over every aspect of my life for the past ten years (ankle, hips, back) is totally gone. It is a strange and wonderful feeling that I have to get used to. I am still pinching myself. Thank you, Courtney. Also, your art, writing and healing are a triple whammy of love and wisdom.

— Patty, Olympia, WA

I can personally testify that you do indeed make a difference to your clients. When I was in the middle of my cancer journey you helped me more than any of the other health care professionals I saw, and there was no shortage of them. Some people are healers, regardless of what we call ourselves, and you are in the club! Thank you for that.

— Deb Z., Seattle, WA

The ZenPen E-course was outstanding in quality and quantity. I liked having lots of things to return to throughout the week — writing prompts, body work, videos, mid-week inspiration, and posting. Courtney’s replies to my CourseCraft posts were the highlight of the course for me! Through the e-course, I learned that I can do what I thought I couldn’t (write from my body) and that it’s an ever-expanding opportunity I can keep returning to and deepening.

— Nicole

Courtney is a natural healer and she is very attuned to each individual’s needs. Courtney is sensitive, caring, empathic, and one of the most amazing women I have ever met.

— K. Kent, licensed mental health therapist, Seattle, WA

What an honor it is to offer testimony to the tremendous healing power and loving energy Courtney offers to her clients. I came to Courtney as a gift from a friend when I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness.  I was struggling to find someone grounded enough, strong enough to hold space with me as I danced between life and death.  I come from an indigenous culture where we have healing ceremonies that go so deep the earth shakes.  I found this in my work with Courtney. She creates ceremony that is as powerful as any I have experienced. She holds space with grace, love and strength.  She stood with me throughout this healing process.  I am convinced that working with Courtney is an integral part of my healing.  It is with deep gratitude that I share this for a powerful medicine woman, a shaman, a healer – Courtney. Debora Barrera Pontillo, artist, teacher, healing arts practitioner

Courtney, what a fabulous “Learning to Let Go” workshop! I don’t want to jinx it, but so far, no more headaches! When I feel one coming on, I get up and MOVE! Swing my arms around, move my neck side to side, stretch my shoulders, big exhales. And I’ve been sleeping well too. So, I’d say that’s a huge success, and your workshop made that possible.It was wonderful to see you in your element. Your voice is calm and soothing and I was enraptured the whole time. I’m so proud of you for creating a niche for yourself. You are following your heart and soul and it shows in everything you do.

— Corbin Lewars, writer, Seattle WA

Thank you, Courtney, for living your life out-loud so you inspire the rest of us to make each day precious!

— Karen Floyd, artist, intuitive coach, and healer, Seattle, WA

Multi-hyphenate Courtney Putnam’s spiritual journey through herself and life’s lessons are inspiring, candid and deeply felt and expressed in her blog.  A Reiki therapist-teacher by trade, and artist by temperament, she massages the body on the one hand, and the mind and soul with the other.  So talented.

— J. Wilson, sound maestro and film blogger

The first time I saw Courtney, I was severely anxious to the point of almost having a panic attack. I wasn’t sure I’d even make my appointment, but I just had this feeling that I’d feel safe and supported with Courtney, and that was enough to get me to the appointment. And I was right.I felt very safe and comforted by Courtney’s calming presence and sincere desire to help alleviate my discomfort. I was to start a new job the next day, and it was bringing up so many fears for me. She gave me a massage/reiki session. I was able to cry in her presence as I released emotion, and I felt a shift in my energy and spirit toward the end. I felt very calmed and nurtured by the reiki treatment and by Courtney’s presence. I left feeling calm and peaceful, and that everything would be all right. That feeling stayed with me throughout most of the week, which helped me survive my first week on the job. I always feel safe, nurtured and validated in her presence, which is so important for my journey of self-healing and spiritual growth.

— Mindy, Seattle, WA

Courtney is amazing. And I was needing a ‘reason’ to start writing again, but felt like if I just tried it on my own I’d be discouraged with more grocery-list type entries (from the head) rather than really getting some creative writing out. Through the ZenPen process, I learned that my body has a whole lot more to say that my Big Bad Mind won’t let it. Sorta like a stern parent, my mind REGULATES, and so when I can put my mind in time-out, then my body feels free to open up and give me lots of good stuff to work with!

— Jenna

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