Question #30

I’ve come to my last day and last post for Courtney Answers Questions Month (CoAnQuMo)!  I’m ending with a futuristic question….

Here it is:

How do you imagine yourself as an old lady? What would your ideal 80th year of life look like?

Interestingly, the first thing I imagine is my having long and straight white-gray hair. I’d really like to look like the poet Sharon Olds


Now Ms. Olds is a young 71 years old, but you get the picture, I hope. Think “Wise Crone Artist Poet Hippie” and you’ve got my vision for myself!

I’ve always loved the word crone and I imagine myself embodying wise crone qualities. I see myself in Maui, Hawaii, living a vibrant life of painting, watching the ocean, walking the beaches, growing my own food, and being a mentor for healing practitioners. I would have a labyrinth, lots of fountains, and Buddha and bird statues galore (hey, this isn’t much different than my life now!). I also see myself writing poems, making healing tinctures, and having a solid personal meditation practice.

In some ways as I am imagining my future, I am transposing my current life onto a life 42 years from now. Things are very much the same in my idea of my future, I’m just more calm, more centered, more abundant, more confident, more successful, more clear, more open, and more grateful.

What a powerful realization that what I have in my life NOW is actually the life I want to have…

with less worry and more joy

with less self-doubt and more confidence

with less scarcity and more resources

with less rain and more sunshine (ha!)

In a way, by looking toward my future I am honoring my present — this very life I have created now. I am grateful, truly grateful.

with plumeria blossoms, poetry, and delicate sags & wrinkles,



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